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Individual Lessons Include:

• How to read music
• Technique
• Theory

• Building of a piano repertoire
• Performance

• Music appreciation  

Weekly 1-hr. lessons. Monthly tuition is $260.00 (taxes included) and taught on a full-size Kawai Grand Piano.

Click Here to schedule your free "Introduction to Piano Lessons" or for more information.​

Music is considered one of the most wonderful ways to express your inner feelings.  Learning music involves a combination of both art and math.  
The piano is considered one of the easier beginner instruments by experts for children.  You can learn the piano very easily. The benefits of taking piano lessons during childhood go far beyond music education.

Piano lessons help children refine their motor skills, dexterity and coordination.

The piano requires children to use both of their hands independently, therefore they can have coordination between them.

As a result, a child develops complex thought processes.


Learning and reading sheet music requires good concentration and attention. Therefore a child will focus more and becomes more alert.

Children learn how to translate the written notes with correct tempo and rhythm, allowing them to think in both critical and creative manners.

This skill is very helpful and will assist them during their lifetime when they choose to undertake any task in their future.

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