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"Kathleen Hamilton has provided my daughter a wonderful exposure to the musical world through her piano knowledge and teaching abilities. Most importantly, she has made her passion of teaching  the piano a lot of fun !Mrs. Hamilton is the most warm-hearted music teacher, therefore I feel very comfortable in my piano lessons. 
She has helped me become the pianist I am today… I couldn’t ask for a better piano teacher!!!"​
 Diane Sueda Nako (Parent) and Mealani Nako (Senior at Seabury Hall)
"In my years of piano lessons with Kathleen, I learned the necessary techniques and skills to become a great musician and study music in college.  But Kathleen gave me so much more than that.  She was a mentor who took full interest in all of my endeavors and was encouraging in both triumphant and difficult times.
Kathleen truly inspired my passion for music and opened up a world of opportunity for me. I know I would not be where I am today without her."
Vena Haynes, PhD student, University of Connecticut
"During the 6 years that I took lessons with Mrs. Hamilton, she was not only my teacher, she was also a friend and mentor. Mrs. Hamilton works with her students to formulate and achieve their own piano goals, from playing classical music to modern pop music and anything in between.  Above all, Mrs. Hamilton instills a love for piano and a competency for self-directed learning that you will retain for life.  ​
Years later, I still value what I learned with Mrs. Hamilton as I play for pleasure in my everyday life."​
Margaret A. Black,​​​ M.D.
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