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Policies and Procedures:

I'm sure that you will appreciate the need for me to conduct the business side of my teaching practice in an organized and professional manner.  These Policies and Procedures are subject to occasional review.   Please contact me if you would like further information.  
Mission Statement:
It is my goal to prepare students to understand music and to skillfully play the piano, so they can enjoy music for the rest of their lives.  I want my students to become proficient so they can continue to grow in their musical understanding throughout adulthood.
Studio Policy:
My lessons are year-round and do not follow any school's academic calendar, so students are expected to continue lessons throughout the year.
My schedule is currently operating and will continue to operate at full capacity and will not be able to accommodate rescheduling or make-up lessons.  Your lesson day and time is held exclusively for you.
Please be prompt.  Lesson times cannot be extended for students who arrive late and students should be picked up promptly at the end of their lesson time.  Do not let friends attend the lesson with your child.  The fewer distractions there are during the lesson, the better the lesson will be.
Missed lessons:
Please understand that my schedule operates at full capacity and will not be able to accommodate rescheduling.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.   
If a lesson is missed, there will be no reduction on your bill because that specific time is reserved just for you.  

I bill one flat rate of $260 a month which includes tax.  


When there are circumstances that you cannot attend lessons the rate will not change.  This also includes if there is a holiday in that month.  Basically you are paying a tuition for piano lessons each month.  


Students who do not continue lessons during the summer are not guaranteed a spot in the fall.  It could be offered to a new student or if another student wants that spot it will be given to them.
For Example:  If the student is taking an extended period of time off ( i.e. a month off for summer vacation), tuition will be $130.00 for each month the student misses lessons.  This will reserve the students date and time when they returrn.



The best way to contact me is via email, which will be promptly returned with an email reply or phone call.  Phone calls are also welcomed but I do not answer the phone when teaching.  
Billing is one flat rate of $260 per month which includes tax.
Bills are emailed out on the 20th of each month for the upcoming month and are due no later than the 1st to avoid a late fee of $15.  All checks will be deposited on the morning of the 2nd.  You may post date your check, if needed.  Ways to have your payment to me on time are:
-Bring payment, either cash or check, to the last lesson of the previous month.
-Mail your check directly.
-Insert your check into my our mailbox after hours.
I have one recital per year on the first Saturday in June.  We will work on the recital songs during the normal lesson time.  I will have a wide selection of songs and we will work together to select a song to perform.  
Termination of lessons:
If you are no longer going to take lessons, I need to be notified in writing 30-days prior to the end date and you shall be financially responsible for that month's lessons, whether the student/parent chooses to attend or be absent.  I also have the right to terminate lessons, but in both cases communication should take place so everyone can part on good terms. 
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